bead soup party

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Wow, Wow, Wow. What fun it has been this week to view all the wonderful designs from the cooking of the soups. It truly has been inspirational and has sparked my creativity to no end. At last, it is time for my reveal from my stash from my wonderful bead soup buddy Alice.

I have been furiously working on a freeform bracelet, my first, but alas, I am stumped and do not know where to go with it. I am making it from the lovely bead soup mix Alice sent me. I am going to add pictures to my blog once it is finished. I also made a necklace from the wonderful lampwork beads and turquoise beads that were included in my stash. I had it done but didn't really like it that much. I took a class this past weekend in wire works and learned a way to perfect my wrapped loops. On Sunday I attended the Intergalactic Bead Show in Charlotte, NC. Of course, it was a bead show and I am a beadaholic so I had to get lots of new goodies while I was there. The weekend got the pot on the burner and the soup started to simmer. I just had to tear apart my one necklace and make two instead.

The first one is my Natural Earth necklace. It is made with some multi colored jasper beads whose colors I chose to match the lampwork pendant. I wrapped them in copper and added copper chain and dangled my pendant and my two lovely lampwork beads from it. I was going for one of those long necklaces and I wanted the little beads to dangle up on my neck. These two little beads resembled little flowers so I inverted the bead caps to make them rise up out of the caps. I antiqued the copper to make it go better with the chain and components. This necklace is for me to enjoy as a reminder of my bead soup buddy. Then for the second necklace I used the turquoise rondelles with olive pearls, lemon fire polished rondelles, dyed fossil coral, brass chain and these funky beads that I dangled in between the loops of the chain. I call this my Sand and Sea Bounty necklace. The funky beads reminded me of shells and the turquoise reminded me
of the sea and the pearls and coral represent part of the sea's bounty. I dangled one of my weekend purchases, a brass sea shell, off the end of the necklace. I liked the natural feel this necklace gave me. All in all, I was much happier with the end results of the two over the first one and I hope you will like them too. My thanks to my wonderful bead soup buddy and to Lori for holding such a wonderful event.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Best Bead Giveaway Ever

Denise Yezbak-Moore is having a stunning giveaway of 7.5 lbs of beads. She is still taking votes on whether to gift the whole stash to one person or whether or not to split it into 6 separate giveaways. Go to her blog and put in your two cents worth and you will be entered in the giveaway and if you put it on your blog, you will get extra entries. Meanwhile, I am frantically trying to get ready for my post on Friday. Both my bead soup partner and I have been having all sorts of other things going on in our lives but we stay in contact each and every day. She is finished with her freeform bracelet that she made with my stash and I have one necklace made from her stash (although I think I may rework it tonight) and I am trying to finish my freeform peice. This has been such a fun thing and I am so happy I have a friend for life out of this venture.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Bead Soup/Buddies Forever

I have to admit, I have been lax about posting about my participation in the Bead Soup Party but on my behalf, I have to say it has been a very hectic and sad month with four losses of people and animals close to me. But on to Bead Soup. I found this little post on Art Bead Scene about the second Bead Soup Party and I thought it might be fun to participate. I signed up and the pairings came out and we were to email our bead soup partner and find out a little more about what they did and then pick out a selection of beads and a clasp to send them and they in return were to do the same for us. I never imagined that when I signed up, I would gain a friend for life. I emailed my partner and she emailed me and thus a friendship was born. Somehow, in the mix of things, I was paired with someone my own age who was a seed bead weaver like myself. I know Lori tried to pair us up according to types of work, but how she managed to find the perfect pairing for me, had to have had a hand from above in on it. My partner sent me a lovely selection of lampworked beads done by a friend of hers along with a lovely bead soup sead bead selection. My clasp was a lovely button that we discussed via email and she also included a beautiful bracelet that she made for me and it was done in just my colors. How she knew that is unreal. I sent her a wonderful selection of brightly colored gemstone nuggets, some colorful sead beeds, some large hole lampworked beads with frogs on them (i found out after the fact she loves frogs) and some buttons she wanted and all sorts of miscellaneous beads. She made a freeform bracelet from part of what I sent her and I am anxiously awaiting the reveal. In the meantime, we email every day and bounce ideas off each other on all sorts of things. She was asked to do a project of 200 bracelets/necklaces for a mission trip. My best friend lost her granddaughter (who was also in a sense my granddaughter) to a still birth. I was led to contribute to my partner's endeavor by helping provide the crosses to go on the necklaces as a memorial to the baby. It was meant to be!!!. My partner and I share our daily lives and beading journey every day and it is all because of Bead Soup. Lori, I am sure you never thought about the ramifications of the bead soup beyond beading, but my partner and I thank you so much for bringing us together and we will be "bead soup buddies" for a long long time. We are already planning our next exchange of bead's between one another. We are also dreaming of meeting in person at a future Bead and Button Show and we are figuring out how we can win the lottery so we can go on the next Bead Cruise. If Lori decides to do another bead soup in the near future, jump on the bandwagon, you never know what kind of journey it will take you on.