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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Michelle's Winter Challenge

Well, it's a little late in the day for my post but, as they say" better late than never".  This challenge was definitely just that for me.  Due to circumstances in my life, my beading has been about nil lately.  I signed up for the challenge to try and get a jump start on the year and my beading.  I loved all the beads in my kit but I hit a block in design.  I can't tell you how many designs I tried to come up with to do the beads justice.  My own sensibilities did not like the glass with the beautiful ceramic pendants.  I am sure others out there were able to combine them but I just could not find a way to do it and my design block just got worse.  So, what was a body to do?  Well, I needed an eyeglass holder/badge holder so the glass beads got made into something for me.  I then took the pearls and the purplish daggers and did a sort of wintery choker.  I really had not done any right angle weave so I challenged myself with that and combined it with netting and embellishment.  I even used the ribbon from the box my beads came in as the closure.  That still left me with the pendants.  I tried all sorts of stuff from my stash and these things just continued to block me at every turn.  I finally resorted to doing a beaded kumihimo rope in the colors of the pendant and then embellished it with white seed beads to symbolize winter snow and then used the ceramic elements as a pendant suspended from the rope. I finished off with a pair of earrings that could be worn with any of the pieces.  I can't say that I like what I did with the pendants but I managed to get through the block and do something and at least this challenge got me beading again.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bead Soup Party Sign Ups

The signups for the next Bead Soup Party are here so hurry and sign up as they end on the 9th of January.  I have looked forward to this one and have counted the days until the signup time was here.  This time, it is being done by lottery and the entries are limited so hurry up if you don't want to miss out.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get in as this is the biggest creative challenge and the greatest opportunity to meet new beading friends.