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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Have A Winner

Wasn't the Bead Soup Blog Hop both wonderful and a large dose of sensory overload? Unfortunately on the day of the Hop, in the middle of it, I came down with the flu. I took the flu shot but still got the flu - go figure. I am just now back among the living and got around to doing my drawing for my pint of bead soup. Congratulations goes to Courtney for winning my pint of beads. I hope she will enjoy them and make some wonderful things. For all of you whom I have not yet commented on your site, I am slowly making my way around to you. I am so totally impressed with all the fantastic pieces and the wonderful creativity among all the "Soupers".

Thanks goes to Lori for putting on another successful party and if you didn't make this one, be sure to make the next one. Signups begin in August. Be sure to follow Lori at Pretty Things to keep up with the "Soup".

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  1. I loved the beads you sent to your partner. Could you share where you got them?